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D & R VIE EN FAMILLE, INC. (D&R) is a U.S. based company with a strong, Japanese cultural background that has gathered individuals who share a similar passion and ideology. We cherish and practice the spirit of harmony (wa), compassion, hospitality (omotenashi), and altruism. D&R has kept these core values as its foundation as it has continued to grow over the years. Our company is a result of the accumulation of happiness from its customers, employees, suppliers, and vendors who have come together to make D&R what it is today.

“Tough as a father, warm as a mother,” is a phrase commonly used in Japan. With this idea in mind, we believe in creating a platform for young talent who are ambitious and courageous enough to leave their home country behind to chase and fulfill their dreams. We support and encourage these people as they face the challenge of living abroad. Our philosophy is "the gathering and sharing of happiness." We believe that the overabundance of accumulated happiness will pass on from our staff to customers, generation to generation. We believe that compassion and selflessness will create a lasting chain of happiness that will naturally lead to self-actualization over time. This is our ultimate goal.

As the founder of D&R, it is my sincere hope that our employees take this philosophy to heart because we are a team in business and friends in life.


With the variety of businesses that we operate in the beauty, food, beverage, real estate, and consumer goods industries, our inspiration always comes from the “the gathering of happiness.” We constantly ask ourselves, how can the relationship between our customers, vendors, and employees be improved to create more collective happiness. We seek true, intimate connections with everyone involved with D&R. To achieve this, we stay true to our belief in cherishing the long-term relationship with our partners and customers rather than short-term results.

At D&R, our goal is to utilize the wisdom amassed throughout all our experiences in order to continue gathering and sharing happiness with all of our colleagues and customers.


Address: 7196 Regional Street, Dublin, CA 94568
Business Description: Beauty Services (hair salon, nail, esthetic, skin care)
Beauty Products (manufacturing and distribution)
Employees: 30