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D&R Monthly News Letter for Apr 2023 Corporate News


Hello, It’s D&R Monthly News Letter!


We have had extreme weather in California lately, though; indeed, it is getting warmer.
How have you been, by the way? Are you ready for the summer?


Do you use UV protection for your scalp as the sunlight gets stronger around this time?

Have you ever thought about UV care for the scalp?


It is very vital to protect your scalp from UV rays. Excess amounts of UV rays exposure may cause hair loss and poor condition of new hair growth. When the damage from UV rays occurs, the scalp gets harder (a happy scalp is always soft) and causes poor blood circulation. Poor blood circulation can’t provide enough nutrients to the hair follicle; thus, your new hair will be weaker, or the worst-case scenario is that hair will stop growing. Scary, isn’t it?


But don’t worry. There is the savior “Senon Scalp Lotion”!




One of its ingredients is Phellodendron Amurense Bark Extract. This bark extract can recover the damaged barrier function from UV rays. Yes, we have our own protection function, but UV rays harm that barrier function. Therefore, this bark extract will recover our barrier function then we can fight over it.
Moreover, Senon Scalp lotion has a lot more good herbal essence. The power of those herbs nourishes and rejuvenates your scalp.


For more information about Senon Scalp Lotion⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓

Happy hair grows from the happy scalp!


Address: 7196 Regional Street, Dublin, CA 94568
Phone: 925-361-5376
Business Description: Beauty Services (hair salon, nail, esthetic, skin care)
Beauty Products (manufacturing and distribution)
Employees 30